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Uno Game

First of all will be great if you read Uno rules to better understand how to play UNO game
The main objective of Uno game is to be the first player to hit 500 points. You will have to ensure that you clear the cards in your hand before your opponents do. The points you will earn will depend on the number of Uno cards held by your opponents. Determining the dealer will be the first step of the game. This is the point where each player picks the card. The player who gets the card with the highest number is the one that deals. After the cards are shuffled, each player is then dealt seven cards.

The remaining cards are put face down to form the draw pile. To set the beginning of the discard pile, the topmost card on this deck is turned over. The player that is to the left of the designated dealer is the first to play if the card drawn is not an action card.

The player has to match the topmost card in the discard pile when it’s his turn to play. The match can be based on the number, symbol or color. For example, the player is allowed to put down a blue card or any color seven, if the card is a blue seven. It is also possible for a player to put down a wild card.

The player of Uno game and Uno game 2 will have to take one card from the draw pile if he does not have any matching cards in his or her possession. The player is allowed to play if the card drawn is playable. The turn ends, and the game proceeds in a clockwise fashion around the playing table, if the card picked cannot be played.

The player draws a card from the draw pile, in the event he chooses not to play a card from their hand. The card can be put down in that same turn if the card drawn is playable, but the player is not allowed to put down a card in the hand they hold after making a draw from the draw pile.


Uno Game Action Cards

The Draw Two Uno Cards

This card carries images of two cards; one partially placed on top of the other. There are +2 symbols at two corners. When a player plays this card, the opponent next to him must take two cards and surrender his or her turn.

The Reverse Card

This card carries an image of two arrows facing in opposite directions. The purpose of this card is quite simple. The card changes the direction of play. The direction changes to anticlockwise and vice versa, if the turns were in a clockwise manner. The card can only be played on a color that matches or on another reverse card. The dealer should be the first to play then the next player is to his or her right instead of the usual left, assuming that the card turns up at the beginning of the game.


The Skip Card in Uno

This card carries an image of a circle and a diagonal line crossing the inside of the circle. A player loses his or her turn and hence skipped if a player sitting before him plays this card. Again, the card can only be played on a matching card or another skip card. The player positioned to the left of the designated dealer is skipped and the next player becomes the one to his or her left if this card turns up at the beginning of the play.


Uno Wild Card

This card carries an image of a circle or other shape that is divided into four parts by colors of different shades. When this card is played, the player who played the card can call any color to continue gameplay. This card can be played even when the player holds another card that is playable at that point of the game. The player that is to the left of the designated dealer is the one to determine which color is to be played if this card turns up at the start of the Uno card game.


The Wild Draw Four Card

This card has +4 symbols at two corners and an image of four cards partially placed on each other. This is one of the best cards to have. The only drawback of this card is that the player holding this card can only play it if there’s no other card in the hand that matches the color on the discard pile. The player who plays this card holds the power to decide which color continues play and in addition to that, the next player in line has to take four extra cards from the draw pile and also forfeit that turn. A player is allowed to play the Wild four card if he happens to have action cards or cards with matching numbers on the discard pile. The card is not played but returned to the deck, and the dealer has to pick another card if the card turns up at the beginning of the game.

Concluding The Game

The hand is said to be over when a player exhausts all the cards in his or her hand. The player that was next in line still has to pick those cards indicated, if the last card to be placed happens to be a Draw Four or Draw Two card.

The scores are then tallied including those cards that are picked last. If the draw pile is already depleted and no player is able to exhaust all the cards, then the card deck is reshuffled and the players continue playing. When a player exhausts all the cards forcing the game to come to an end, the game is restarted again until a player reaches 500 points. The winner is the player who is the first to reach 500 points.

Playing Uno game unblocked online with friends and family has never been easier. There are several gaming communities over the internet where one can enjoy a multiplayer experience with several customization options. When playing Uno game online, it is also possible to participate in live tournaments where you play against several other players from around the world. There are also websites that allow you to enter random public rooms where you can interact with the players and discuss the game.

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